De-addiction Counselling

Counselling, both individual and group, is animportant aspect of substance abuse de-addiction. Counsellors are often experts in psychology and can help patients understand and conquer their addiction. Without proper counselling, the addict might never recover.

It is carried on over a period of time. The length of which is dependent upon the needs of the client. Each client is given minimum of 3-4 sessions, which lasts for about 30-60 minutes. Issues relating to personal or problems such as extra marital affairs, legal issues, marital separation are dealt.

A homogeneous group of individuals are brought in for a group discussion. The Group of Participants can consist of persons who are dependent or addicted to chemical substances, alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, etc. The number of participants in a group is 5 – 10 Members with a counselor. Each client is taken to participate in two sessions where the session runs in to time of about 30- 60 minutes per session.