What is educational psychology

Studying how people learn is the objective of educational psychologists. Through evaluation of various learning methods on student outcomes, these professionals research and strive to improve the instructional process. They take into account the unique needs of the educational institution and its students, including gifted learners and those with learning disabilities.

In order to fully understand best practices for dissemination, as well as absorption of knowledge, educational psychologists incorporate related topics into their work in this field, including behavioral psychology, developmental psychology and cognitive psychology. Educational psychologists are an integral part of educational institutions and learning centers worldwide, providing crucial information needed to develop successful learning methods and materials.

We explore how to become an educational psychologist as well as careers in educational psychology below.

What does an educational psychologist do?

Typically, educational psychologists are hired by schools or educational institutions to work with administration and staff to develop and implement successful learning programs for students. Some may choose contracted, consulting work with independent organizations that design learning materials or create specialty curriculum. Regardless of the employer, it’s important to obtain the following skills if interested in pursuing educational psychology careers:


  • Data Analysis and Evaluation
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research
  • Discretion
  • Mathematics
  • Interpersonal
  • Information Technology

In practice, an educational psychologist may consider various methods of psychometric testing, data collection, program development and research evaluation to advise staff and administration on the best learning practices for their institution or organization.

Below are four primary specializations within educational psychologist careers that provide a better understanding of the responsibilities unique to this profession.

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