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We live in a world where minds are frugal and smiles are digital. We order food on the Internet, and on the Internet, vomit our minds. With the technological accomplishments of this age, the world is at our fingertips, and mental health services are no different. And while we swear by the trustability of traditional face-to-face therapy, we can’t deny the rising popularity of online counselling, and rightfully so:

  • Affordability: Just as you put your trust in traditional in-person counselling, online counselling is accessible and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. This often makes it preferable over in-person therapy.
  • Discreetness: Breach of privacy is a major issue on the Internet, and rightfully so. However, mental health professionals are trained to maintain confidentiality and respect your privacy.
  • Reduced social stigma: With the accessibility, discreetness, and reduced social stigma realized by online counselling, fewer people miss out on appointments than ever did. Many also choose to combine online counselling with the benefits of traditional face-to-face therapy.
  • Freedom of choice: When it’s online, you get to pick and choose (and change) your therapist as you see fit.
  • Accessibility: Forever on the clock doing long shifts and can’t make time for an appointment? Shifted to a new city, but don’t want to switch therapists? Why should your mental health suffer? Online counselling solves the problems of time and distance by making the services available to you when you want them, with next to none waiting time. No more waiting around at the doctor’s clinic! This comes with an added advantage to expats and rural residents in that it eliminates the need to travel longer distances to reach the clinic. Online therapy can also prove to be a life-saver in times of crisis.
  • Convenience: Now, reach the therapist from the comfort of your home and make the most of your therapy experience picking the time YOU like. Online counselling makes it accessible 24×7!

To capitalize on the advantages offered by online counselling in this digital era, we bring you the following online services on our platform.

Not only do such practices offer convenience and accessibility, the brevity of online counselling and therapy allows more individuals and groups to seek counselling services considering the shortage of qualified professional mental health professionals per individual (the actual number of mental health professionals in India stands at around 7000 compared to the requirement of 54,750.) To avail any of these services on this platform, contact us through mail, phone, or WhatsApp.

Online Services We Offer:

  1. Telephonic Counselling

Telephonic counselling is the use of the telephonic medium to deliver psychological services like depression counselling, suicidal counselling, and child counselling to individuals or to a group of individuals. A 2006 study reveals over 58% clients, having tried both, prefer phone counselling over in-person counselling. Another 2002 study highlights the similarity of the counsellor-client relation in the two scenarios. Telephonic counselling sessions are easier to squeeze into a tight schedule for both- the counsellor and the client, and the perceived anonymity allows the client to open up to the counsellor, leading to better results and quicker progress for the counselling. And as mentioned above, such counselling can be a life-saver in crisis or emergency situations by helping deliver immediate emotional support.

  1. Telephonic Psychotherapy

Therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Hypnotherapy, and Behaviour Therapy can be performed over the phone, and have fared well so far, achieving nearly equal success as in-person therapy, if not equal.

  1. Online Counselling through Video

If you feel telephonic counselling does not suffice, you can go for counselling on video instead so you can visually and auditorily interact with the counsellor/therapist.

  1. Online Psychotherapy though Video

Video calls aren’t limited to counselling, but can be used to perform psychotherapy equally well. One way they add to the process is by allowing the therapist to scrutinize the details of the client’s facial expressions and body language to alter the therapy ad-hoc.

  1. Online Psychological Testing

Different tests like psychodiagnostic tests, personality tests, career tests, IQ tests, and learning disability assessment can and have been successfully performed online.

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