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Psychological Counselling View

Psychological Counselling aims to help people manage their difficulties and transform personal problems into their own personal growth.

Who is it suitable for counselling

Psychological counsellors work with individuals, couples and groups (such as families). All counselling work is, of course, completely confidential.

What kinds of problems can it help counselling

Psychological counselling is help to individual and group for any psychological, emotional, behavioural and family problems as individual faced with difficult stages in their normal life, fears, panics and anxieties, depression and sadness.

  • Psychological Counselling is help to you in
  • Psychological problems
  • Emotional problems
  • Child behaviour problems
  • Crises in relationships
  • Stress and other pressures
  • Fears, panics and anxieties
  • Family problems
  • Difficulty with decisions making
  • Depression and sadness
  • Psychological counselling can help enable you to:
  • develop more fulfilling relationships
  • bring out your creativity and self-expression
  • learn to assert your own needs
  • renew a sense of purpose in your life
  • find paths to self-discovery
  • feel happier within yourself

Psychological Counselling Sessions

When you begin counseling session, you will begin with an intake evaluation, which may take two or more sessions. This evaluation will help your counselor understand the problems that need to be addressed.

Based on a deeper understanding of the nature and degree of the problem, the counselling sessions will review the various situations and relationships that may be troublesome for you. Specifically, we will want to learn the kinds of thoughts and assumptions you may have, what behaviours you engage in that are rewarding or punitive to yourself or others, and your style of communicating and listening.

Client and counsellor sit in private and engage in a lot of talking and listening. Each session typically lasts between 50 minutes and one hour. Sometimes just a single session is sufficient for a client’s needs, but more usually client and counsellor continue to meet for several weeks or even months. Client and counsellor plan together how often and for how long to meet.

Couples meet with the counsellor in the same way and may use the sessions to better understand how they communicate and react to each others needs. Many couples find attending alternate individual and joint sessions to be especially helpful.

With each session we review your experience in the previous session, your intersession tasks, one or two current problems, a review of what you’ve accomplished in this session, and task setting for the next meeting.

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