Depression Counselling

Counselling is effective in treating mild to moderate depression, and is often combined with medication in more severe cases, which is sometimes known as clinical depression.

Understanding depression and its triggers it can be helpful for sufferers trying to manage the condition. Talking to friends and family or specialist agencies can help. Counselling can help address low self-esteem, or relationship issues or persistent negative thinking.

In most cases help will be available from your GP who can refer sufferers on for psychiatric help, in the cases where it is needed. Exercise is increasingly recommended to help combat the effects of depression and many GP’s can refer those suffering with depression for specialist support.

there are several broad types of counselling that you may be offered. In some counselling services there may be a choice, but in others the counsellors will have a more ‘integrated’ approach. All counsellors tailor what they offer to suit individual needs.

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