Motivational Counselling

Motivational Interviewing is an empathic, gentle, and skillful style of counseling that helps practitioners have productive conversations with individuals with co-occurring and other disorders. Essential characteristics of motivational interviewing include:

  • Expressing empathy through reflective listening.
  • Noting discrepancies between current and desired behavior.
  • Avoiding argumentation and rolling with resistance.
  • Encourage the consumer’s belief that he or she has the ability to change.
  • Communicating respect for and acceptance of people and their feelings.
  • Establishing a nonjudgmental, collaborative relationship.
  • Being a supportive and knowledgeable consultant.
  • Complimenting rather than denigrating.
  • Listening rather than telling.
  • Gently persuading, with the understanding that change is up to the person. Providing support throughout the process of recovery.

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